Mushroom Powders

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I have personally used these mushroom powders to help boost the immune system of my hounds. Read Sadie's story - given two months to live with bi-lateral thyroid cancer by specialty vets, she lived 2 more years.

Backed by research, the nutrients in mushrooms provide unique immune support.  Each individual mushroom also provides support for other systems. Grown & processed in California. 450 - 500 grams of powder. Very limited quantities. 

Dogs Naturally article on Turkey Tail and Cancer. 

Mushrooms have been used in eastern cultures for thousands of years.                         

Science continues to discover new and exciting ways that mushrooms are good for us and our animals.  

  • Beta Glucans in mushrooms can help activate the immune system
  • Mushrooms promote a balanced Immune response 
  • Retains bioactivity of the mushrooms 
  • The Amino acid L ergothioneine is a unique dietary antioxidant that may be therapeutic on a cellular level. “Ergo” helps you or your animal deal with oxidative stress which may support a healthy inflammatory response.
  • The natural enzymes along with the prebiotics in mushroom powders support digestion, gut health and the assimilation of nutrients. 

 Turkey Tail - cancer. Exp. 9/21

King Trumpet - anti-oxidant help. Exp. 8/21

Immune Matrix - combo of Turkey Tail, Shitake, Maitake, Reishi. Exp. 10/20 - but if kept in a cool, dry place will last for years. 

Note: These are packaged for horses, but are the same product for humans and hounds. Just the packaging is different.