Remembrance Medallion

When someone you know has to let their greyhound go, you can make a donation in their memory and help hounds. 

Greyhound Gang will send an exquisite, large, four-inch medallion and cord, with a beautiful card and our Sacredness of Tears booklet to honor your donation. These medallions, designed, created and donated to us by Sarah Regan Snavely, will express your caring for your friend's sorrow, and your donation will continue to help greyhounds have lives after racing.

Sarah Snavely creates elegant, high-end ceramics, and a visit to her web site is a must, as you will see the quality and taste involved in her art. And these medallions are works of art. They are about four inches around. An elegant emerald/hunter green gloss.
To order an In Remembrance gift, fill out the information requested.

Please do keep in mind when making your donation not only the greyhounds who will be helped, but also the high quality of the medallions. The minimum  value of these medallions is closer to $30. The hounds and I thank you for caring, and we all share in the tears of a loss of a love.