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What is Get Up & Go?

In 1995, I founded the Greyhound Gang - to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt out greyhounds no longer wanted by the racing industry. Rehabilitation is an ongoing concern, as greyhounds have spent upwards of 23 hours a day in crates, and they pound their joints and bones with running from a young age. In 1999, I was working for ANF, Inc. who provided supplements for humans.I personally, had never even taken an aspirin. Larry, the owner, gave me Glucosamine to give to the greyhounds in my care. The change in their ability to move was astounding! Bouncing around, doing 360's, jumping up on furniture with ease - the glucosamine gave their joints and cartilage what was needed to feel better and healthy.

Get Up & Go was born, when Larry lent me the money to buy my first kilos of white powder. Proceeds from Get Up & Go have always enabled Greyhound Gang to help greyhounds still very much in need. Purchasing Get Up & Go supplements is a win-win-win situation, because:

1.    Highest quality product
2.    Lowest cost
3.    Proceeds help Hounds
4.    They work

All dogs, and greyhounds in particular, need supplements to help their joints stay healthy and pain free. All these products, which are for humans, have been used on the hundreds of greyhounds passing through the Gang's home. I receive unsolicited emails telling me that others KNOW it works too.

The internet is a wealth of information about these supplements. Just do a search on any of them, and you'll find more technical information than you need. You'll also find prices higher than Get Up & Go. This is because we offer these products so we can continue to raise funds to help greyhounds still in need. We do everything ourselves - put the powder in the bottles, put the labels on, take the orders, and fulfill them.  So there is no middle person, just me and you. Prices are lower than any comparable, high quality product. All powders have been tested with Certificates of Analysis. Proceeds go to help more greyhounds. It's truly a win-win situation. Read this Q&A to answer even more questions you might have.

I've personally used and seen positive effects from every product on Greyhound Gang's site. It's why they are offered to you - at prices you won't find elsewhere. Proceeds have helped greyhounds find forever homes since 2002.

Why use Get Up & Go supplements?

If you have an older dog...
If you have a hard working dog...
If your dog evidences any stiffness...
If you've adopted an ex-racing greyhound...
If your greyhound has a broken hock...
If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis...
Then you should be giving your dog Get Up & Go supplements.

Get Up & Go provides:

Pure Powder, with no fillers
High Quality, Tested product
Very Affordable Price, with prices lower than any comparable high quality product
Proceeds help greyhounds
So why not?

Get Up & Go Supplements

Glucosamine HCL
Glucosamine HCL is a natural amino sugar derived from shellfish. It is one of the basic building blocks of cartilage. As we age, cartilage deteriorates. By supplementing diets with Glucosamine, you can help yourself, and your pets, maintain healthy cartilage longer. Glucosamine also aids in lubrication of joints. Think of it as an "oil change" for the body. It is truly the foundation of joint care. Whole Dog Journal agrees.

Athletes have benefited from Glucosamine for a long time. Studies have shown that Glucosamine can ease the pain associated with joint inflammation. In some cases, Glucosamine can even repair cartilage. As competitors who push their bodies to the limit, athletes appreciate the restorative qualities of Glucosamine. Your pets are natural athletes who deserve active lives. You can now afford to give them all the natural benefits of Glucosamine.

Chondroitin/Shark Cartilage
Chondroitin comes in two forms. Bovine and Shark cartilage. We offer Shark Cartilage because it is rich in gycosaminoglucans, or mucopolysaccharides, large macro molecules found in joints, blood vessels and organs. It helps restore cartilage and lubrication. Anecdotal evidence points to help with reducing cancerous tumors also. Recommended with Glucosamine HCL.

MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane
MSM is a natural form of organic sulfur that supplies a dietary sulfur, which plays a major role in stabilizing and promoting numerous body functions. It's most noted for its anti-inflammatory properties. Recommended with Glucosamine HCL and Vitamin C.

CMO - Cetyl Myristoleate
is an ester made form adding a cetyl alcohol molecule to the 14-carbon chain fatty acid myristoleic acid. It lubricates, reduces inflammation, regulates the immune system and reduces pain. Recommended with Glucosamine HCL and Digestive Enzymes.

Calcium Ascorbate - Vitamin C
Our Vitamin C is Calcium Ascorbate which combines calcium, a mineral, with asorbic acid (Vitamin C). This combination buffers the acidity of Vitamin C, and makes it easier on the digestive tract to absorb. It is also called Ester C. It is an immune booster and aids in fighting bacterial infections. A strong anti-oxidant, it destroys free radicals cells (cancer-producing) in the body. An important supplement in forming collagen, a protein which promotes bone, connective tissue and collagen health.

HP Digestive Enzyme
This digestive enzyme  - which is for humans and animals - is the best on the market to help digest food, and produce a better output.  Particularly good for dogs/humans with sensitive tummys and for the aging dog/human. It helps CMO get better absorbed by the body too.

Salmon Oil
Omega three fatty acids, with the correct balance of Omega 6's, are key to skin health. They also help with inflammation. I personally use Grizzly Salmon Oil, so that's why I carry it now. Three pumps (3000 mgs) a day into food, and dogs stay healthy.

Azmira - Homeopathy Products
We love their Yucca Intensive, which can keep a dog off rimadyl and other NSAIDs and help with all kinds of inflammation issues - without side effects. We also offer Incontinence, Fear (of thunder and more), Kidni/Liver Support, Separation Anxiety, Flea/Tick protection. All are easy to give and we love the testimonials we get about how well they work.

Gut health is key to your and your hound's health. Antibiotic use is deadly for good bacteria living in the gut. This Probiotic, for hounds and humans, helps replenish the good bacteria. I take it, and give it to my older and health compromised dogs.
That means overall health improves, particularly diarrhea, gas. vitamin absorption, candida (yeast infections), constipation, IBD and IBS. One capsule has 25.5 Billion Live Cultures, with 14 Probiotic strains, six enzymes and a prebiotic.