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Glucosamine HCL is the foundation of natural care for joint issues. It can replenish the synovial fluids which surround the joints, and can also help repair cartilage. It is a pure powder supplement. It can work alone, but works best when other joint supplements are combined with it.

 - MSM - helps reduce inflammation
 - Chondroitin - synergistically can help glucosamine with repair of cartilage and replenishment of synovial fluids
 - Vitamin C (in Calcium Ascorbate form for easier absorption) - fights free radicals which cause damage

I've had hundreds of greyhounds pass through Greyhound Gang's doors and have personally seen significant improvement in their mobility and joy in life. Read the unsolicited testimonials I've received throughout the years. Reviews are noted with each product, or gathered in one place at Testimonials.

1/2 tsp daily equals 1600 - 2000 mgs, which is the daily dose for dog  50 lbs and over. There are no fillers or additions. This is pure glucosamine HCL.

This glucosamine is given strict lab testing and is one of the highest quality available. 

The drop down men has many options: Glucosamine bottles, Glucosamine refills and Glucosamine combined with other products. 

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