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Learn why greyhounds are really here on this earth and you'll never look at greyhounds quite the same way. These wonderfully illustrated graphic books are a greyhound twist of the age old battle of good and evil, and how love with save the world - greyhound style.  

Dogma I - A 12 page full color graphic novel (think comic book format)

Illustrations donated by: Julie Neidlinger of Lone Prairie fame. Text by Claudia Presto
Cover art donated by: Kim Parkhurst of Turbo Spud fame.

Dogma II - the battle for love vs hate reaches a crescendo. Can the greyhounds save the world through love?

20 pages of full color. Art by Kim Parkhurst. Text by Claudia Presto

Normally $11.95 each. Now 50% off at $5.95 each, or all three comics (Dog Stars included) for $14.95