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As our world spins in ways we could never have imagined, these small graphic novels created in 2003, have always had the answer. Greyhounds = Love = Light. 

You know you've thought that maybe, just maybe your dog is an alien. Watch Canedhi and his tribe take on violence and hate and turn the tide.  These wonderfully illustrated graphic books are a greyhound twist of the age old battle of good and evil. Love WILL save the world - greyhound style.  

Dogma I - How greyhounds came to inhabit earth and their lessons of love throughout history. Gandhi, The Beatles, St. Francis and more. A 12 page full color graphic novel (think comic book format).
Illustrations donated by: Julie Neidlinger of Lone Prairie fame. Text by Claudia Presto. Cover art donated by: Kim Parkhurst of Turbo Spud fame.

Dogma II - The battle for love vs hate reaches a crescendo. Can these greyhounds save the world through love? 20 pages of full color. Art by Kim Parkhurst. Text by Claudia Presto

Dog Stars - A tongue-in-cheek look at a human's life in greyhound rescue - as viewed by the hounds - by many talented artists: Kim Parkhurst, Jen Zalewski, Karen McDonnell, Julie Neidlinger, Kathie Goree, Lynn Roick. 14 pages. Full color. 

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