Coconut Oil

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Organic, extra virgin, unrefined, expeller pressed, non-GMO.

I’ve used coconut oil for years in cooking, but just recently started giving it to my hounds in their food, especially a new boy with lots of systemic and skin issues. What an obvious positive result!  You can also apply to the skin. I use both Coconut Oil and Grizzly Wild Salmon Oil.

Skin & Coat issues - itching, allergies, dandruff, yeast, wounds and more.

Digestion - Irritable Bowel, nutrient absorption, bad breath and more

Overall Health - anti-viral, fungal, bacterial support, balance insulin, weight loss, energy  and more

Coconut Oil has more than 90% saturated fats - MCTs.  Lauric acid (found in breast milk)  is the main component. Lauric acid in coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. 

Work up to one tablespoon daily in food. It also can be applied topically. 

Offered in  HUGE 42 oz jar - Kirkland. 

This is the coconut oil Costco sometimes carries. They have the best prices. I'm offering their 42 oz jars, just in case you can't get to a Costco and get a better deal.  This is more expensive to ship. Heavy and odd shape. If you buy coconut oil, make sure it is  organic, extra virgin, unrefined, expeller pressed, non-GMO.  

You can use this for cooking, on your skin, on your hair and more. 

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