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Own all nine of these well-written, informational, wonderful booklets. OK, I wrote the booklets and I wrote that, too. When I go to greyhound gatherings around the country, I give talks on these subjects (and more). Take advantage of my over 30 years of greyhound experience. I promise you'll learn something and enjoy the read. Some of these booklets are available on Kindle in ebook format, also.

 - When I Am Older
Getting older is a reality, but there are many ways to help your hounds live longer and healthier. Learn about natural supplements that can help. Learn about feeding older hounds. Learn about how to make your house safe and easy for older hounds, and so much more. 12 pages. Order a 4-pack and get this booklet free. 

-  Why Does My Hound Do THAT?
You're around your hounds all the time, but do you understand why they do some of the things they do?  Be perplexed no longer, and learn greyhound language. Bodily Functions, Noises, Food, Car and more are explained. 

Dr. Stack the Deck for Greyt Health
In the beginning of greyhound rescue, Dr. Suzanne Stack was the go-to greyhound vet for medical information. She's gracious and a wealth of knowledge, which she shares freely. This 44 page booklet contains her articles. These are also available in Greyhound Gang's LEARN/Medical section. 
Contents include: Adrenal, Anesthesia, Blood Work, Erhlicia, Hocks, Lumbra, Myths, Pain Meds, Pancreatitis, Pemphigus/SLO, Recovery, Thunder, Thyroid, Valley Fever, Wounds

-  Happy Healthy Hounds
Keep your hounds happy and healthy with information in this booklet. Food, Exercise, Well-being is discussed, with specific, easy and inexpensive things you can do for your hounds. 12 pages.

-  First Aid
First aid care for emergency situations, and at home care, when appropriate. How to bandage legs, heads, happy tail and more. Wound care and cleaning. Poison, Restraint, Transport and more. 12 pages. 

-  Never Too Old
Poems, writings and musings from greyhound and animal lovers all over the world. A perfect gift for someone who loves an older hound, or is thinking about adopting one. Once you've gone OLD, you've found GOLD. 8 pages.

-  Shy Greyhounds Steal Your Heart
If you've ever loved a shy hound, you know how it feels when he or she finally trusts you and starts loving. This booklet provides helpful tips for adopters to help hounds cope with their new world. 7 pages.

-  Greyhound Guide
The definitive, succinct, resource for new and prospective greyhound adopters - this 40-page Greyhound Guide has it all. Used by adoption groups throughout the world (it has even been translated!), it helps prospective and new adopters quickly understand how a hound's mind works.

Adjustment Angst, Household Horrors, Yard, Children, Lions and Tigers and Bears -Oh My! and more. Written with humor and  over 30 years of knowledge, this little booklet will help you understand how loving greyhounds can change your life - and theirs.

Adoption Groups can purchase quantities to put in their adoption packets at Gang's wholesale price. Contact Claudia. 

- Sacredness of Tears
"There is a Sacredness in Tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love."  Washington Irving.

Many people have asked me how do I deal with the loss of one of my loves. This booklet is my attempt to put that into words. Words, which are so inadequate to convey the loss of love. Grief, which is so universal, and yet so personal. 

I started writing this booklet when my Clyde turned 13. He left me at 13 years, 6 months and 24 days. I hope something in this booklet helps you in your sacredness of tears. 16 pages. 

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