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True stories of Rescue, Compassion & Love, originally edited in 1997 by Nora Star, reedited at her request by Claudia Presto. Written by the people on the front lines of greyhound rescue and adoption, these stories will warm your heart, and give you an appreciation for how far we've come in helping greyhounds find forever homes. Beauty's story is in these pages, and when she was alive she would write on her page - "May your life be filled with Beauty..." 

This is a second edition, with all the first edition stories, plus the addition of new stories. The new cover is courtesy of Sarah Snavely, artist extraordinaire.

Trade Paperback, About 125 pages. ALL proceeds help greyhounds find forever loving homes. 

Adoption groups, and others, can purchase these wholesale to raise funds. Contact Claudia for information and pricing.
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