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'G Drops are excellent for quick support of allergy relief. It's for strong flare-ups of allergy symptoms; runny nose and eyes, inflamed mucous membranes, itching, intestinal irritations, etc. You would use this first to calm things down, and  once things were OK, you can move daily to Allerg-Free capsules to keep the allergies from returning in such force. Here is more information about treating allergies naturally. 

 Soothes all types of allergy symptoms:

Great for itching, pimples or rashes

Relieves runny mucous membranes

Reduces irritated eyes, nose, ears or skin

Lessens swelling and irritation.

 One ounce.

Ingredients G Drops:

Aconite 30C, Carbo Veg 30 C, Chna 30C, Euphrasis 30 C, Nux Vomica 30C, Rhus Tox 30C, Sabadilla 30C, Sulphur 30C, Urica Urens 30C, Demineralized Water, 15% Ethanol.

How to use G Drops:

Azmira states - DO NOT give at the same time as food. Wait at least 15 minutes. 

Give 2 to 4 drops orally regardless of body weight. Whoops - i've been giving in food. I called Azmira, and they said if you give in food,  triple the dose.

 For acute symptoms give one dose every five to fifteen minutes for the first hour, then every hour until symptoms improve and continue with one dose two to four times a day until reversed.

 To promote general benefits: repeat one dose at bedtime for initial two weeks, then one dose weekly for maintenance. And/Or use the Allerg-Free capsules for daily maintenance.