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THIS is the Best and Must-Have product for animals in your care.

Inflammation is the root of many evils. Reducing inflammation will help the body heal better. When steroids or NSAIDs (rimadyl, deramaxx) are recommended, this might be an alternative which works without side effects. It also reduces pain as well as aspirin without the gastric side effects. Yucca contains steroidal saponins - nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

Yucca cleanses organs, promoting blood flow and tissue repair. It can also reduce the 'itch' of allergies. It works well with Allerg-Free and GDrops. Yucca can also help with dogs who eat poop - coprophagia.

Certified Ingredients - Purified Yucca Extract, Potassium Sorbate - mineral-based stabilizer at 0.1%.


Maintenance dose is one drop per 10 lbs of body weight. Twice a day. So usually about 7 drops for a greyhound. One dropper holds about 25 drops. You can give with liquid or food. Dose must be diluted, as it doesn't taste well. If using liquid, use about 1/4 tsp of liquid per 2 drops of product. So 1 tsp of water, broth etc with 7-8 drops of tincture which you can syringe into mouth twice a day.

HOWEVER, If giving in food (as I always do), double or triple the dose. So you're giving about 14 - 25 drops twice to three times a day. If I'm giving for an acute current problem, and putting in food, I  triple the dose (25 drops or one dropper-ful)  three times a day for two weeks, and then back it down to double. After a few weeks of no inflammation, back it down to regular dose. After another few weeks, you can stop the Yucca. Use it again, as needed.

If inflammation occurs quickly after not using the Yucca, then keep the dog on the product, as they need it.

Testimonials, from those using the product, are all positive. I have this with me all the time, as it reduces inflammation quickly and without side effects. I've used it with arthritis, pulled muscles, trauma from running and wiping out, diarrhea, allergies (basically any inflammatory based issue) - and hounds have improved tremendously. Of course, I also give all 4 joint supplements daily!  In my opinion this is a superior product and I wouldn't be without it.

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