Testimonials - Unsolicited

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Here are a few. More are at Testimonials. 

These are unsolicited testimonials. I get them daily. Thank YOU for helping your dogs feel better. You can purchase Get Up & Go products here. 

Did I tell you how happy i am with the combo of the gluco and msm ? Ranger is no longer limping or even favoring that sore foot/leg where the vet said he saw the early signs of arthritis. He’s playing with his stuffies again, running around the house, up and down off the furniture without hesitation. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Bonnie of CA

On all your products now …and took your advice with YUCCA…it has been a real blessing for Mackenzie our 13 year old Westie !!!! Louie of MD

testcaneOur dog Cane used to hobble, lick his paw joints, and was not very active.  We started him on “Get Up & Go” – approximately 3 weeks later he was whooping (what we call running and playing) around our house and has stopped licking his joints.  He gets up easier – and can jump up to and down from our fairly high bed every morning – without wincing. We have kept him on it for a couple years now and can see difference if he has to go off of it for some reason. Laura of WI

I am so happy with your products.  I made my first purchase from you in Dewey and now my 12 year old is running in the backyard.  She is also full of energy all of the time.  I got her when she was 7 1/2, and I have never seen her enjoy life like she is now!! Peggy of NJ

The glucosamine and CMO have made such a difference in Pretty Girl’s arthritis.  And I’m happy to be supporting you folks! Jenn in MA

Bought the Get Up and Go 4-pack combo and my hounds are playing like never before! Great product! Karen in FL

I’ve been seeing substantial improvement with one of my hounds. My 10 year old girl, Tinkerbelle, is a master of injuries as her determination drives her to go full throttle at her age. For the last few months, (and after a number of xrays), she has been limping in the front when she gets up after a power nap. Our holistic and regular vet have eliminated all possible causes other than ligament/muscle injury and some arthritis. Well, since she has been on your supplements, it has gotten a lot better. So, you have some new fans! Gaby, Tinkerbelle and Doc