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Boring, unsightly, ordinary toilet paper rolls will be transformed into something that makes you smile every time you visit your toilet. I'm talking about a crocheted greyhound head  - the color of your choice - on white threads. You can put one on every toilet in your home. Check out the pic of my toilet paper cover!

These are one-of-a-kind, designed and crocheted by Vanessa Borrero expressly for Sighthound Shivoo. I love mine!

Hound head color choices: Blue, Fawn, Red, White, Black, Brindle, Dark Brindle, Parti

If you choose Parti (white with patches of other colors) in comments put the other color needed. i.e. - Black (cow dogs), brindle, fawn etc. 

$20 each. Normally $35. A percentage goes back to Gang. Thanks, Vanessa!

You'll get your TP Covers at HGT on Thursday, or the Hike on Friday morning. If you still haven't picked them up, come to Gang's booth. 

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