Shivoo - Grab Bag Tickets

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These tickets go a long way at Shivoo:

 - Grab Bags: At every meal we draw over 50 tickets for grab bags valued from $15 - $150. That's over 200 grab bags to be given away during the event. This year we are adding more grab bags to each meal. You must be present to win. 

 - Wheel of Fortune: where every spin wins. At Greyhound Gang's booth.

 - Dramatic Drawing: Put your ticket(s) in a container next to a incredible, interesting item and maybe it'll get picked! Item values from $50 - $200. 

In advance only, you can purchase 25 tickets for $20. Or you can buy single tickets for $1 each. At Shivoo, only single tickets will be sold. 

Note: Your tickets, name tag, Greyt Read and any pre-orders will be available for you at HGT on Thursday evening or Hike on Friday am, and then at Gang's booth after the Hike.