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Here's where you pay for your auction win or two or three. 

You received a PM (private message) through Facebook at the end of the auction telling you all that you won and the amount, including shipping. THANK YOU and Remember that number!

After you put this 'generic' auction item in your cart,  go to Checkout. 

Under Special Instructions you can list what you won, though I will have that info. 

Go through the regular checkout process until the payment area, where you can put in a Custom Donation, which is the amount you owe. ADD Donation must be hit. Then complete the 'order'. 


Step by step:

1. Type in Contact Information - email, name, phone.

2. Go to shipping address.

3. Go to Continue to Payment. On this page, put in the total (including the shipping) in Custom Donation as sent to you via Private Message on Facebook. Hit 'ADD Donation".

Payment information goes in next and you are done. 


To recap: You'll need to go through the entire checkout procedure (name, address, email, phone, cc info) and when you get to DONATE, put in Custom Donation (the amount bid on your winning item(s), plus shipping...or more :)) 

Contact me - - or 435-644-2903 if you are having issues paying. As soon as Gang has your payment, your item(s) will be shipped on Santa's sleigh pulled by fast hounds!

NOTE: If you add any other items to this order, shipping will automatically be applied for those items.