Pre-Orders - Shivoo Registered Guests Only

You are special. 

1. You love sighthounds

2. You know what Shivoo means

3. You are entitled to these exclusive deals - ONLY for Shivoo registered guests.

Order quickly as the people behind the scenes might need to close off ordering at some point. 

You'll pay now - no shipping - and your items can be picked up when you see Claudia at Shivoo. She'll have them Thursday at Hounds Got Talent, or Friday at Hike, Chalk & Talk and Greyhound Gang booth. 

IMPT: 1. Please don't order other Gang or Get Up items. Just Pre-orders on this order. 
2. While you are shopping, to go back and view all pre-order items click on words Pre-order Shivoo Registered Guests Only. 
3. Any questions, just email

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