Nick the greyhound & Sherman the beagle
My pups never miss a day of their Grizzly Salmon Oil. They love it! I think I have the shiniest Beagles (and Greyhound) on the island. Sherman, a laboratory Beagle, spent all his life in a cage at a major university. He’s slowly learning how to be a dog, play, and show affection. Nick is the baby. He crawls into my lap whenever I'm on the sofa with him.


Abby's limp progressed to where she put no weight on one leg. Vet diagnosed a back-leg partially torn ACL. Surgery or wait and see with limited activity were the two options.

We chose limited activity and used Get Up & Go Glucosamine and Yucca. Hard to keep a lab quiet, but with limited activity and the magical powders at 10 years young she walks without any sign of the injury.


Never Too Old for Love
Just wanted to let you know that the Get Up & Go has worked miracles for Maggie May - 10.5.  She was running on 3 legs even with the Rimadyl.

We started her on the 4-pack and she's not even limping these days.  No more drugs and no more 3 legged running.  Excellent product – I am starting on a similar regiment for me now.


Thank you so much Claudia! My two babies LOVE the Get Up and Go! My 9 year old is running around like she's a kid again! My 5 year old has a hock injury that is giving him a lot less pain now too. He puts more weight on that leg now than he ever has! I'm HOOKED!!!!
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Deweying It Again

Clyde at Dewey Beach

Greyhound Gang is headed to Greyhounds Reach the Beach – the oldest greyhound gathering in the US on October 7. Greyhound Gathering – Kanab, started in 1999 because I couldn’t afford to get to Dewey Beach , is the next oldest, three day event for sight-hound lovers. What’s not to love about a gathering of greyhounds? Friends, Fun, Food and FUN-draising.

Come hear my talks – When I am Older and Holistic Care for Healthy Hounds, and visit Gang’s booth, where 100% helps hounds.  Free gifts too!